to inspire the Jơrai people to effective
use of the Word's of God to transform their lives.

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The Jorai people are a language group in a country of Southeast Asia. Of the more than 450,000, over 120,000 are estimated to be believers. This is the first time for the Jorai people having the Bible in their own language on their own hands …

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JBA is a non-profit corporation to publish and bring the JBSV to all Jorai believers around the world in all forms such as, Bible text, Study Bible materials to promote reading and learning the Word abroad in order that lives to be transformed.

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The Jơrai Bible Standard Version is an all-new Jơrai Bible translation. It was translated from the original biblical languages (Hebrew, Aramaic, and Greek), and faithfully expresses the closest meaning of the original languages in modern Jơrai.

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Our Daily Devotion

39. Kơnăm Mơmŏt

Hêbrơ: choshek Đŏk: khosek Mrô Strong: 2822 Jơlan Phŭn: Čơdơ̆ng Phŭn 1:2; 1 Samuêl 2:9; Yôb 10:21; Yesayah 5:30; 9:2; […]

38. Khăt/Pơjing

Hêbrơ: karat Đŏk: kharat Mrô Strong: 3772 Jơlan Phŭn: Čơdơ̆ng Phŭn 15:18; Tơbiă 24:8; Yirmeyah 31:31; Yehezekêl 34:25; Daniêl 9:26 […]

37. Hơtŏm Păh

Hêbrơ: ’arar Đŏk: ’arar Mrô Strong: 779 Jơlan Phŭn: Čơdơ̆ng Phŭn 3:14, 17; 4:11; Tơlơi Juăt 27:26 “Tui anŭn, Yahweh […]

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